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Weebly now has over 50 million users worldwide – and it’s popular for a lot of reasons. For starters, it’s easy to put up a site with Weebly. Well, most of the website builders these days have the reputation of making it easy to create a site. However, it’s not just about how fast you can build a site – it should also be fully functional and capable of growth.

What sets Weebly apart from the mediocre ones is that they have a reputation for quality. Their features are good and their pricing plans are well balanced in features and prices.

In this Weebly review, we’re going to take up every aspect of Weebly and show you its strength and weaknesses. We want to help you find the right website builder for your needs – and by the end of this post, you’ll be able to gauge if Weebly is worth considering.

Weebly logo

Getting Started

Getting started with Weebly is easy as they have a user-friendly interface. The first thing you need to do is sign up to open an account. For this, you’ll need to input your name, email, and password (to create one) on the fields provided.

If you’re getting the free version, Weebly’s own address will be included on your site URL (e.g. www.yoursite.weebly.com. If you want your own domain, you can get one (for an additional fee) and subscribe to one of their premium plans. Note that you can only attach your own domain on their paid plans.

For starters, Weebly will ask you to choose from three types of websites – Site, Store, or Blog. Make sure that you pick the right one at this point as you can’t go back to it later on to change it. If you’re not so sure about what to pick, we recommend choosing “Site” as this option automatically sets up a Homepage for you (a good format, if you ask us). Choosing “Store” or “Blog” will take your visitors directly to a storefront or a blog – which, in our opinion, is not always the best setup. Besides, you can always add a store and/ or a blog to your Site setup later on (that’s why it’s the safest choice right from the very start).

Choosing a theme is also very easy with Weebly. Take note of the following:

  • Weebly has modern, updated designs for themes.
  • Their themes are highly customizable.
  • Headers can be customized and you can also include a logo.
  • To save on time, you can search for a theme by inputting certain keywords for the styles and colors that you want.

Weebly homepage


To get a free domain, you’ll have to pay for at least 1 year upfront. Should you choose to pay monthly, you’ll need to pay for the domain (which costs around $20 per year). Now, the free domain is only valid for a year, so you’ll still need to pay for the renewal fee every year after the first year.

As for the available domains, Weebly carries a lot – including the most common ones (.com, .net, .org, etc.). You can also use an already existing domain that you bought somewhere else. If this is the case, you simply need to redirect its DNS settings to Weebly.

Control Panel

Weebly doesn’t have a typical control panel like those of other website builders and hosting providers. What they have is a site builder dashboard where you can access everything from widgets to domains.

Even Weebly’s dashboard comes with a drag and drop design. Everything is (again) very easy – you can manage your domains here and make tweaks on your theme or online store. It’s Weebly’s very own control panel, you see.

Ease of Use

As far as ease of use is concerned, you can bet your bottom dollar that Weebly can deliver on this. There really is no steep learning curve with this website builder as everything is presented in a clear and simple way. It uses drag and drop technology, so you are free to move things around on your editor page to customize the look of your site. To edit an element, simply click on it and do your work.

Weebly themes and templates

Themes and Templates

Weebly’s themes and templates are some of their greatest strengths. Although they only have around 50 designs to choose from, they’re all stylish and professional-looking. We’re sure that you’ll find a lot of their templates appealing, so choosing one for your site shouldn’t be a problem.

Still, to make things easier for you, Weebly will present you with theme categories to choose from such as Personal, Blog, Portfolio, Business, and Online Store. Different categories come with different layouts (designed by experts, of course) – therefore, you’ll be presented with the best options for the chosen category.

Here are some more of Weebly’s perks on templates:

  • All themes have responsive designs (your site will look good on mobile devices).
  • You can add video backgrounds to your template.
  • Background images can be animated.
  • You are allowed to access and edit templates through their source codes (to enable further customizations).

Weebly Editor

Like we said, Weebly is easy to use – and it’s mainly because of its editor. Let’s face it, most of the work in designing your website will be done in the editor. And in the case of Weebly, it does come with a simple-to-use editor.

When designing your website with Weebly, think about all the features that you want to include on your site. Since Weebly comes with a lot of features, it can get confusing – that’s why you need to plan it out and not place everything out there (this can be counterproductive to your goal of having a professional-looking and clutter-free site).

So, open the Weebly editor on your chosen template and start moving things around. Weebly’s drag and drop functionality makes it really easy to design a site as you won’t need to create codes to do this.

What we really like about Weebly’s editor is its neat interface. Weebly even goes the extra mile by rolling out (removing) functions that you don’t need and rolling in (get back in) those that you do need. Everything is still accessible on the page that you’re editing, though.

Another Weebly editor feature worth mentioning is their spotlighting function. It works by dimming elements that you’re not working on and lighting up the particular area that you should be focusing on. This way, you won’t get distracted by all the things on your editor form (and makes the whole setup a lot easier).


Weebly’s free account will carry Weebly’s logo at the bottom part of the web page. However, their two most expensive plans (Pro and Business) allow for the removal of their ad.

Multilingual Support

Right now, Weebly has support articles in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish

Weebly features


If you’re planning on putting up a membership site, know that Weebly has a membership creation tool included in their Pro and Business plans. Again, this makes setting up a membership club very easy. With this, you’ll have full control as to who can access your pages. By enabling the membership function on your Weebly account, only registered members will be able to enter your site (or certain pages).

Aside from membership clubs, Weebly’s membership function also works well for student courses and private information setups (exclusive for certain visitors only). This is truly one of Weebly’s best features and we like it a lot.


Weebly’s SEO features are good enough to help you rank your site well on search engines. Here are some of the things we like about their built-in SEO:

  • You can customize meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • You can add alt text to images.
  • You can customize URLs on your site.
  • Headings can be formatted in H1s and H2s.
  • Images are optimized by automatically compressing them.
  • Responsive design

Now, here are those we that we don’t like:

  • Headings are limited to only H1s and H2s.
  • Pages with categories can include a mandatory string. So, your product URLs can have something like /your-product/ included in the address. And blog posts can carry a /blog/ in the URL.

So, while Weebly has good SEO features, you might find it hard to rank for very competitive keywords because of its limited SEO functions.

Backups and Restorations

Unfortunately, Weebly doesn’t have an automatic backup and restore feature. If it has, you can easily get back a previous version of your site when disaster strikes (crashes, virus attacks, etc.). As it is, your only option is to manually save your website on a zip file regularly. But still, Weebly doesn’t carry a restore function to quickly get your site back up.

Weebly’s lack of backup and restore functions is such a disappointment for us. It’s one of those things that’s really important in running and maintaining a site.


Since Weebly has no backup and restore functions, your next concern should be security. Fortunately, they do provide great security features. For one, all their plans come with free SSL certificates – yes, even their free plan. With the https feature, personal information such as email information and credit card details are encrypted within the site.

You see, they do take security seriously and are not really that prone to attacks and the like. However, going back to the previous section (on backup), we still believe that having automatic backups and restore functions are important.

PCI Compliance

Aside from their free SSL certificates, Weebly is also proud to be PCI compliant. This simply means that they don’t store credit card details on their servers.

Weebly log in


Weebly has an app market with around 300 apps to choose from. Some of these apps are made by Weebly itself, and some are by third-party developers. There are free as well as paid apps on their app store.

We’re actually glad that Weebly has an app store as this makes it easier to add your needed functions on your website. They have apps for blogs, e-Commerce, Social media, marketing, SEO, and more.

Weebly also makes the process of installing apps very easy. Just click on an app and it’ll be instantly installed on your website. All of Weebly’s available apps have also been tested and will surely work well with your site.


You need to track your site’s sales, traffic, and marketing data in order to find out where your shortcomings are. Again, this is one of Weebly’s strongest points as they have a built-in statistics dashboard. They even come with an analytics tool called Insights which provides you with a lot of statistical information on your website.

While their built-in statistics tool is available on all their plans, Pro and Business plan users get additional information as to the most visited pages on their site. Keywords used by site visitors to get to your site are also included in the information. Even referring sites are reflected in the data reports.

There’s no doubt about it that Weebly has a good analytics tool. However, we still recommend installing Google analytics to get even more information about your site stats.

Migration Policy

Know this – Weebly will only assist you if you want to transfer your domain name to your new Weebly account. However, they don’t offer assistance in transferring a site itself into Weebly. Your only choice is to manually export your old site to Weebly yourself (or hire a professional to do this for you).

Money Back Guarantee

If you want to test out Weebly by signing up to a free plan, you really don’t need to provide your credit card details to do so. You can just use the free plan for as long as you want.

Weebly is also offering its customers a 30-day money back guarantee only if you pay for one of their premium plans annually. If you’re going to pay monthly, the money back guarantee won’t apply to you.

Requesting for a refund is also easy with Weebly. All you need to do is submit a ticket requesting for cancellation of your plan and refund and they’ll get back to you quickly. You can also use their mobile app request for cancellation and refund.

Weebly sign up

Weebly for Blogging

Weebly has a good blogging platform – you can build a blog on its own or simply include it as an added feature on your site. SEO-wise, you have nothing to worry about as your blog will surely be search engine-friendly.

While there’s nothing very special and unique about Weebly’s blogging functions, it does include basic features that are found everywhere else such as the following:

  • You can schedule blog entries to be published at a later date.
  • Aside from its built-in comment section, you can also integrate other commenting systems like Facebook and Disqus.
  • You can add more elements (as needed) to your blog’s design.

Yes, Weebly has a decent blog template and we do recommend it as a blogging platform. The only thing that we don’t like about it is that it doesn’t allow for multiple authors. So, if you’re building a publication site with multiple authors, know that Weebly is not the right blogging platform for that.

Weebly for e-Commerce

As with most of Weebly’s features, their e-Commerce function is also user-friendly. Keep in mind that you can get their Pro plan for e-Commerce – but the Business plan is more suitable for such a demanding task (the Pro plan lacks important e-Commerce functions).

You’ll get these e-Commerce features (and more) from their business plan (some are not included in the Pro plan):

  • Sell physical and digital products
  • SSL certificate
  • Shopping cart
  • Add product videos
  • Automatic tax and shipping calculator
  • Inventory management
  • Payment options via PayPal, credit card, etc.
  • No transaction fees (3% if you’re using the Pro plan)
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Add customer accounts
  • Customizable e-mails
  • Sell gift cards
  • And more!

The above features are indeed quite impressive. However, note that you can get even more at almost the same price range with something like Shopify (a purely e-Commerce platform). And so, we only recommend Weebly’s e-Commerce plan for small and medium-sized businesses.

Weebly customer support

Help and Support

We’re always looking into a Company’s help and support system as this is one of the most important features in building a website. You might need some help in figuring out how to use their tools in the beginning – and that’s only normal. Also, you might encounter problems later on (when your site is already running) – and at this point, you’ll need quick solutions, believe us.

The good news is that help and support is also a priority at Weebly’s. Here are just some of the things to expect from them:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Community forums
  • Support tickets via e-mail (24/7)
  • Phone (only available for Pro and Business plans)
  • Live chat (Monday to Friday 6AM to 6PM PST, Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 5PM PST).
  • Social media support (you can contact them via Facebook and Twitter)

We are quite pleased with Weebly’s customer support. Although there are some reports of disappointing live chat experiences (they’re not that easy to reach, according to some users), their overall performance is still good. They actually have a good reputation for their email support team.

Weebly pricing for websites


Weebly presents its users with a total of five plans to choose from:

  • Free
  • Connect
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Business Plus

If you’re building a website, you can choose from their Connect, Pro, and Business plans. And if you’re setting up an online store, you can use their Pro, Business, or Business Plus plan as these are more suitable for e-Commerce.

We’ll tackle the features of each one below.

Free Plan

You’ll get the following with the Weebly Free plan:

  • Price: $0
  • Free SSL
  • 500MB storage
  • Domain with Weebly ad
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact form
  • Community forum
  • Chat and e-mail support

You can create a decent-looking site with Weebly’s free plan. In fact, you can build as many websites as you want with your free account. Indeed, Weebly’s basic tools are more than enough to accomplish the task of putting up a site.

One of the advantages of starting with Weebly’s free plan is that you’ll get a feel of their services first (they don’t even need your payment details at this point yet). Note that their free version comes with a large storage space (500MB is considered big for a free site). They even throw in basic SEO features and marketing tools in the form of lead capture. Weebly’s Free plan also comes with chat and e-mail support – that’s why we like it a lot.

Of course, the free plan also has many disadvantages. For one, you’ll be missing out on Weebly’s greatest features. Also, you won’t have the option to remove their ads – and that will make your site seem unprofessional. Even your URL will carry their brand as having Weebly as your subdomain will make your website address look something like this: https://www.yourwebsite.weebly.com.

Connect Plan

Weebly’s Connect plan has the following:

  • Price: $5
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Free SSL
  • 500MB Storage
  • Custom domain
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact forms
  • Community forum
  • Chat and e-mail support

As you can see, Weebly’s paid plan called Connect is basically the same as their free version. The only main difference is that you can connect a custom domain and therefore make your website more professional-looking. However, since it will still carry Weebly’s brand (via ads), it really won’t look as professional, would it?

We don’t like Weebly’s Connect plan at all – mainly because the features it carries are basically found in the free plan.

Pro Plan

When you subscribe to Weebly’s Pro Plan, you’ll get the following features:

  • Price: $12
  • Free domain
  • Google Ads ($100 credit)
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom domain
  • Option to remove Weebly ad
  • Site search
  • Shopping cart
  • Accept payment via Square
  • Accept payments through third-party providers
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact forms
  • Advanced site statistics
  • Community forum
  • Chat and e-mail support
  • Phone support

You’ll definitely get more features with Weebly’s Pro plan than their Free and Connect plans. This plan even carries e-Commerce features – so, you can actually use it to create an online store (with only a few products, as it has limitations). Still, it’s much better than the Company’s cheaper plans. We even look at it as Weebly’s first paid plan option as their Connect plan is too limited for a paid plan. Note, too, that you’ll get additional phone support with this plan.

Business Plan

Weebly’s Business plan comes with these:

  • Price: $25
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Google ads ($100 credits)
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom domain
  • Option to remove Weebly ad
  • Site search
  • Shopping cart
  • Accept payments through Square
  • Accept payments through third-party providers
  • Product badges
  • Product option
  • Inventory management
  • Automatic tax calculator
  • Coupon codes
  • Square gift cards
  • Product reviews
  • Shipping calculator
  • Integrated shipping labels
  • Good shipping discounts
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and a contact form
  • Advanced site stats
  • Pop-up notification
  • Integrated Facebook ads
  • Advanced e-Commerce statistics
  • Community forum
  • Chat and e-mail support
  • Phone support

Weebly’s Business plan has all the features in their Pro plan plus so much more. This is a good plan to get if you’re serious about your e-Commerce business. Aside from the ability to sell an unlimited number of products, it also removes transaction fees on all your sales. Just look at its list of features. Wow – we really like this one.

Business Plus Plan

Go for the Business Plus plan and you’ll get a package that includes the following:

  • Price: $38
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Google ads ($100 credit)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Custom domain
  • Option to remove Weebly ads
  • Site search
  • Shopping cart
  • Accept payment through Square
  • Accept payments through third-party providers
  • Product badges
  • Product options
  • Inventory management
  • Automatic tax calculator
  • Coupon codes
  • Square gift cards
  • Product reviews
  • Shipping calculator
  • Integrated shipping labels
  • Best shipping discounts
  • Abandoned cart e-mails
  • Real-time shipping
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact forms
  • Advanced site statistics
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Integrated Facebook ads
  • Advanced e-Commerce statistics
  • Community Forum
  • Chat and e-mail support
  • Phone support

As you can already tell, Business Plus is Weebly’s top-tier plan. It’s designed for larger online stores and it comes with more e-Commerce features than the Business plan. We’re giving the Business Plus plan a double wow as it comes with all the features of the Business plan plus so much more. It even has real-time shipping and abandoned cart e-mail functions.


  • All the prices mentioned above are annual prices divided by twelve (to compute their monthly rates).
  • Their introductory prices are only valid on your first purchase. Renewals would mean paying for their regular prices (which are almost double the introductory prices).

Weebly pricing for online stores

Pros and Cons of Using Weebly


  • Templates are stylish and highly customizable
  • Good SEO features
  • Weebly App center has around 300 plugins to add functionality to your website
  • The drag-and-drop editor is easy to use
  • Security features are good
  • There’s a free plan to test their services
  • Advanced e-Commerce features for higher-priced plans
  • Good customer support
  • Overall pricing is reasonable


  • No backup and restore functions
  • Their cheapest paid plan carries the same features as the free plan (almost)
  • Site migration is difficult

Weebly FAQs


Q: What is Weebly?

A: Weebly is a popular website builder that also hosts websites for its customers. It employs the use of a drag and drop system in designing your website. Therefore, you don’t need coding skills to design your site beautifully and creatively.

Q: What type of editor does Weebly use?

A: Weebly uses a drag and drop editor. It’s a “what you see is what you get” type of thing as your live site will look exactly like your page editor.

Q: What billing cycles does Weebly have?

A: You can pay monthly or annually or bi-annually.

Q: How can I get discounts on their pricing plans?

A: Weebly customers are offered discounted prices when they sign up for 1 year or 2 years.

Q: What are the customization options on Weebly?

A: Weebly’s templates are highly customizable. However, expect some limitations as drag and drop methods are not as flexible as designing with the use of source codes. Still, Weebly allows for HTML and CSS customizations – so, more advanced users can also use those.

Q: Can I create an online store with Weebly?

A: Yes, Weebly has various plans suitable for e-Commerce (Pro, Business, and Business Plus). Their e-Commerce platform includes shopping cart, product search, inventory management, and more.

Q: What type of customer support can I expect from Weebly?

A: All Weebly plans come with e-mail and chat support. Their Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans include phone support as well.

Q: Does Weebly help with site migration?

A: No, Weebly doesn’t offer site migration services. You’ll have to manually copy your existing site’s content to your Weebly website.

Q: Can I buy a domain from Weebly.

A: Yes, you can. They’ll even give you a free domain on your first year’s subscription of annual plan.

Q: Is domain included in Weebly’s paid plans?

A: Free domain is only included on upfront payments of 1 year or more. The free domain is also good for 1 year only. It needs to be renewed yearly for about $20.

Q: I already have a domain. Can I use it on Weebly’s free plan?

A: No. You can only connect your own domain to any one of their paid plans. You’re limited to using Weebly’s subdomain when you use their Free plan.

Q: Does Weebly offer a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, they’re giving their customers a generous 30-day money back guarantee. This is not available for monthly payments, however (it’s only applicable to annual payments).

Q: Can I downgrade my plan at any time?

A: Yes, you can opt to downgrade your chosen plan at any time. Weebly will then credit the difference on your payment to your account.

Q: Does Weebly offer marketing support?

A: Weebly offers marketing support on their higher-priced plans. They have Weebly Promote, for one – it’s an e-mail marketing service.

Q: Do Weebly plans come with marketing credits?

A: Yes. Weebly plans all come with $100 credits for Google Ads.

Weebly website

Is Weebly for You?

There’s no doubt about it – Weebly is one of today’s best website builders. It has a simple and uncluttered editor, so it’s easy to use and navigate. You can, therefore, design your website exactly as you want without feeling overwhelmed. And if you know basic CSS and HTML, you can customize your site’s design even further.

If you want, you can try Weebly’s free plan first and see how you feel about it. You can then upgrade to one of their premium plans if you think Weebly is the one for you. Keep this Weebly review as your guide and it will surely help you a lot in making your decision.

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