Web design trends in 2017

We are half way through 2017, and we have seen an enormous change in web design so far. It is a common belief among designers that following trends determine the success of some site and business. Being constantly up to date seems like a mandatory thing and many designers evaluate the work throughout a prism of trends. On the other hand, there is a pretty solid reason why people and business owners follow trends. By having a functional and appealing website, you will increase the traffic and attract the bigger number of customers. If you want to find out what else awaits until the end of the year, then follow our list.

Open composition

Until recently, we had only one trend that stuck up for years, closed and static structure. But, many websites and web designers decided to ditch this rule and try something new. Loosely suspended elements floating and up in the air have become a new trend which many developers supported and applied to their work. The great thing about an open composition is that those visitors have an impression that objects are floating somewhere beyond the edge of the monitor. This makes them more appealing and exciting to watch. Some research showed that Internet users enjoy visiting these websites because they are more interesting than the sites which have a dull composition.

Asymmetry is attractive

In the past, the simple page which supported white background was popular, but 2016 also broke that rule. Now many web designers create asymmetric layouts, which are not perfectly balanced on both sides. This gives the spectators a dramatic effect. We have left the balance, and people tend to create things which will interest the audience. The page doesn’t have to be filled out, but it should contain some asymmetric objects.

Chaos is in trend

chaosAs crazy as it sounds, but many designers moved from minimalistic composition and adopted a chaos as a new way of creating web pages. In this way, they express a desire for bigger freedom and avoid rigid approach, which has become a bit annoying. At some point, people got tired of simple layouts and elements. They want to see a change, and they want to visit a website which will offer them something different and more interesting. This is one of the reasons why designers started creating chaotic sites, but without disrupting the underlying structure because the chaos is just apparent.

Background and richer

I guess will all got fed up with a plain white background because the things are changing in better direction. For example, we now have small dashes, stripes, and dots, designers use different patterns, and the background is rich. Commonly used grid pattern which is used as a frame for other elements of the layout is arranged chaotically. The designers want to create the movement of the elements and to make it logical. We don’t have harmony anymore, but we still have the rhythm, which is significant for one website.


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