Top 5 trick to help you improve your web design skills

Developing the web site for your company can be a challenging task, and it can make a difference between the success and failure. You need to have an excellent online site, in order to improve traffic and clients. In every process of development, you can hit the obstacles, which prevent new ideas from coming through. It is important to overcome them and to find a new inspiration that will guide you. If you want to have a successful website, then you should target the audience and provide them what they need. It doesn’t matter if your site looks nice if no one is visiting it. We have prepared some tricks to help you achieve this goal.

Use gray and then add colors

If your web designer creates wireframes before visual designs, then you know the importance of gray color. You should turn a wireframe into a grayscale visual design and then add photography and gradually increase the color of the elements. This will help you avoid chaotic website and input some symmetry.

Use style guides

They are quite popular in the publishing world. You now have them in different forms, such as large books and documents that media publications use to maintain consistent styles through their content. This can involve anything, for example, how states and countries are labeled and how numbers are written. In this case, web developers can form their own style and in this way, ensure the site they have created has a uniform style.

Move the sidebar

Sidebars can create a clutter, so it would be wise to move them outside the main page. It is important to increase the visibility to provide the reader’s space. This will give you additional room to utilize the other features of the site. For example, you can add navigational elements or insert additional links to recent posts and popular articles. In theory, sidebars contain a lot of useful links and information that could improve the traffic of the web page, but, in reality, a few people use them. So, you should ask yourself, is one sidebar worth the entire web design.

Use large font size

font-sizesA big topography isn’t a new trend in web design, but still, it’s a great practice to follow. Large letters have an ability to grab the reader’s attention and put his focus on your content. Nowadays, many people use mobile devices to access the internet, so larger font will only increase the visibility and the popularity of your site.

Avoid clutter

The messy web site can distract your readers and potential clients, and it can appear too complicated. But, if your background is clean, it can bring you a bigger audience. You should create more space, then try to include a lot of elements. The white background is still attractive, but in the recent years, developers want to create a more dramatic look, so they use bolder colors which will leave a bigger impact.