How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Whether it’s out of curiosity or a big deal to you, you can actually check (or confirm) if someone has blocked you on Instagram (check here if you’re the one wanting to do the blocking :)). And while there are tools and apps that can help you determine the answer to this, we really don’t recommend using any of these. We’ll tell you why and also show you the safest (and surest) ways to do this task in this post. So, just read on.

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How to Check If Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram

Below is a list of some of the actions you can take to find out if someone has blocked you on IG. Note that these are not arranged in any particular order – and you can perform random checks using any of the techniques listed below. Of course, you can also carry out all of them to be REALLY SURE of the result.

  1. Look for the user’s profile on your followers and/ or following list. If you can’t find him/ her, it could mean that he/ she has blocked you. Of course, it could also mean that the person’s account has been disabled (temporarily/ permanently) or deleted (permanently).
  2. Look for a person’s profile by searching through the Instagram platform. Can’t find it? Well, you’re probably blocked. Still, there’s the possibility that the person (or Instagram) deleted his/ her account.

Additional notes on this:

  • If the person’s account is set to public, it’s possible that you’ll be able to find his/ her profile. However, while you can view that person’s number of posts (which means that the person’s account is alive and active), you will get the message “No photos or videos yet” on said person’s profile page.
  • Now, if the person’s account is set to private, it will not appear on a normal search once you’re blocked. You can, however, search for his/ her profile through a mutual friend’s IG account.
  1. In cases where you find that you have unfollowed a person, it could be that you have been blocked by that person. Should you be able to find his/ her profile, you can try following him/ her again. And if you’re unable to do this (nothing happens when you click/ tap the follow button), there’s a big chance that you have been blocked.
  2. Now, let’s say that you can find the person’s profile and everything looks normal (as though you’re not blocked). Try sending the person a message – and if that fails, it could be because that person has blocked you.

Blocking someone on IG

What Happens When a Person is Blocked on Instagram?

For obvious reasons, Instagram allows users to block other users from accessing their profiles. Once blocked, the person blocked will no longer be able to see the other person’s posts. Some Instagram bots can do this on auto-pilot, blocking everyone it follows so the feed stays clean.

Here’s the catch. If someone blocks you, you will not be able to block them. So, it’s very important that you beat the other person to the blocking game by blocking him/ her first. This way, they won’t be able to block you anymore. You, however, can still check on their profiles by unblocking them for a few minutes (to look) and then blocking them immediately afterward.

Tips and Reminders:

  • Like we said before, there are apps and tools that will let you check on people who blocked you. May we just remind you that these tools and apps are not always 100% reliable. And, by not working correctly, you can be misguided as to who really blocked you or not. What’s worse, some of these apps are risky to download as they can start sending you, your followers and following list spam and malicious files.
  • Always remember that not finding a person’s profile doesn’t necessarily mean that he/ she has blocked you. The person may have only temporarily disabled his/ her account to take a break from Instagram. So, we encourage using ALL the checking methods we mentioned above to be absolutely sure that someone has blocked you.

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Knowing if Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram and Moving On

We understand how it feels to be blocked. And we know that sometimes it’s just necessary to find out if a person has blocked you from Instagram. Well, we already showed you how to check on this – so, just go ahead and investigate. And should you find the truth, we urge you to just move on.

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