How to Upload High Quality Photos to Instagram

As we all know, Instagram’s main attraction is its great number of attractive images. Of course, if you have an Instagram account, you’d want to show off your own share of beautiful photos, right? Well, that means uploading high-quality pictures – sharp, clear, and impressive to look at.

You’ll be glad to know that Instagram has a built-in feature that automatically showcases your uploaded images in the best resolution (according to their standards). This is especially true for mobile devices as Instagram is intended for such purpose. So, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, you have the power to present the best possible quality of posts on Instagram.

Upload high quality photos Instagram

Tips on How to Upload the Best Quality Images on Instagram

Keep these things in mind when it comes to uploading your photos on Instagram:

  1. Your uploaded photos should have a width of anywhere between 320 and 1080 px. When you meet this requirement, Instagram will not crop or compress your pictures (they’ll remain as is, untouched by IG). Another thing to keep in mind (with this requirement) is that your image should also have an aspect ratio of at least1.91:1 up to a maximum of 4:5.
  2. As for the height of your uploaded images, it should be somewhere between 566 and 1350 px to meet Instagram’s standard.
  3. Keep in mind that if your uploaded photos don’t meet Instagram’s minimum and maximum sizes, these will be automatically adjusted and cropped by Instagram through their built-in compression algorithm. Therefore, if you uploaded a really small image (below IG’s minimum), this will be enlarged by the app. In the same way, a picture that’s bigger than the maximum size will be cropped down. Of course, you know that those changes will affect the quality of the final image uploaded to Instagram.

More Tips to Keep in Mind

Do these things to maximize the quality of your uploaded photos on Instagram:

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app (always check for updates).
  2. Edit (if needed) your photos before uploading them.
  3. If possible, upload an image that’s 1080 pixels wide.
  4. If possible, upload an image that’s 1350 pixels high.
  5. Use a phone with a high-quality camera – this would really affect the overall quality of your pictures.

Other Things That You Can Do

You can use plugins and Third-Party apps to further enhance the look and quality of your images (e.g. Photo resizer, Photoshop, etc.). Here are the usual steps to using these tools.

  1. Open the image on the tool.
  2. Enter the required dimensions.
  3. Hit Save.
  4. Upload the image to Instagram.

Final Notes to Remember

Keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t upload files that are bigger or smaller than the required dimensions.
  • To check on the quality of your final image, zoom in and see if it’s 100% perfect (not pixelized).
  • Keep in mind that Instagram is mainly viewed on mobile devices (it was created for smartphones and tablets, not desktops). Therefore, aim to make your photos look best on such devices and not on large computers.

Techniques on How to Upload Great Looking Images on Instagram

There you have it. Just follow all our tips in this post and you will surely be able to upload high-quality photos that are sharp and clear on your Instagram account. Go ahead – put what you just learned in practice and watch your Instagram account become more and more impressive and beautiful.

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