How to Tag Someone on Instagram Story

With the Instagram stories feature, users get to post their photos and videos that only stay on the feeds for merely 24 hours. Yes, when the 24-hour period is over, the post will disappear from everyone’s view. It is for this reason why such posts should be immediately seen. And should you really want someone to see your story, tagging them on it is the best option.

Fortunately, it’s easy to tag an Instagram user to a story post. Tagging in IG is just like tagging in Facebook – yes, it’s that simple. All you really need to do is mention the person’s username and he or she is already tagged in your story. See full details on how to do this below.

Tag someone on Instagram

How to Mention and Tag an Instagram User in Your Stories

Here are the complete steps on how to tag someone on Instagram:

  1. Click on the camera icon located at the upper left portion of your screen. Another option is to swipe right practically anywhere on your feed.
  2. Tap on Enable Camera Access or Enable Microphone Access or both.
  3. Take a photo by tapping on the round camera button. Hold and long press on the button to record a video.
  4. Click save if you want to save the photo or video on your device.
  5. Using the text tool, tag an Instagram user by typing “@” followed immediately by the person’s username (e.g. @username). You can also select the person’s username from the auto search results.

Mention someone on Instagram


  • When you tag someone on your story, that person’s username will appear with an underline on your photo or video.
  • Tapping on a person’s username within a story will open that person’s profile.
  • People tagged or mentioned in Instagram stories will get notifications telling them of the tag.
  • When you tag or mention a person in your IG story, that person will automatically receive a DM (Direct Message) from you telling him or her of the tag.
  • Each person mentioned or tagged in the story will receive a DM from you (not in group form).
  • Instagram DMs regarding tags include a brief preview of the story.
  • DMs concerning tags will disappear with the stories after 24 hours.
  • You can tag up to a maximum of 10 usernames per story (be it a photo or video).

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Tagging on Instagram

Making the Best of Instagram Stories

Instagram’s story feature is indeed very fascinating. You can easily tag fellow IG users within the story just by mentioning their username with the @ sign. It really works in the same way as mentioning them in captions and comments when you share a regular post on Instagram.

Well, we’re sure that we can expect more exciting features from Instagram in the near future. So, let’s just enjoy these 24-hour stories feature for now.

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