How to Tag People on Instagram After Posting

Tagging has become an important part of social media posting – and in this case, we are talking about Instagram. By tagging, Instagram users are able to connect with one another (through photos, videos, live streams, and stories <- though a lot of Instagram bots do this on auto-pilot).

When you tag someone, Instagram will send a notification to that person. You can do this within the context of personal relationships or as a marketing technique. Surely, tagging empowers an individual or Company to have a wider reach and audience. In fact, a user or a follower may not be currently viewing your Instagram feed but will be notified of your post because you tagged him or her or that person’s business profile.

Read on and we’ll tell you how to tag people on Instagram – before and after posting.

Tag people on Instagram


Username Tags Vs. Hashtags

Before we go any further, let’s first differentiate between username tags and hashtags. Yes, they’re related as both involve placing a tag on something or someone. In the case of username tags, you’re tagging people or business entities. You’re probably already familiar with this kind of tag as it’s also employed on other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. To tag someone or an Instagram user, simply type the @ symbol immediately followed by the user’s username (e.g. @username). The purpose of username tagging is to identify the IG user with the posted content.

With hashtags, you will be tagging on keywords instead of usernames. To employ this method, type the # symbol immediately followed by the keyword with no spaces in between the words (e.g. #inspirationalquotes). Hashtags on Instagram (as well as in other social media platforms) are clickable. When people click on a particular hashtag, this will take them to a page with posts carrying only that hashtag.

How to Tag People After Posting

It happens to all of us – sometimes we have already published a post before remembering that we need to tag someone. Fortunately, Instagram allows us to tag usernames even after posting. Here are the steps to doing this:

  1. Open the particular photo or video.
  2. Click on the three dots located at the upper right corner of the post.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click on the tag people icon (human shape).
  5. If the username shows up on the suggestions, click on the person or entity that you want to tag. You also have the option of typing a username to search for someone to tag. Suggestions will show up as soon as you start typing on the username field.
  6. Click Done on the Tag People screen.
  7. Click Done on the Edit Info dialogue box.

Note: It will be easier to search for a username if you’re following the Instagram account.

How to Tag Before Posting

We actually advise developing the habit of tagging other Instagram users while creating the post (before the actual posting). This will save you a lot of time as you won’t need to go back to a previous post just to tag someone. Here are the steps to tagging someone in real-time:

  1. Upload the photo that you want to post. You can add effects and choose a specific filter for it.
  2. On the Share screen, click on Tag People.
  3. Tap on a person on a photo (or any area of the image).
  4. Start typing a username and select the right one from the autosuggestion menu.
  5. Click Done.

How to Tag on Instagram Caption

If you’re concerned about tagging someone on your Instagram post caption, don’t worry – you can easily do that. As you’re composing a caption for a particular post, just mention the IG user’s name (e.g. @username) within the caption or anywhere on the caption area.

Now, if you have already published a post with a designated caption and want to revise it and tag some people – well, you can do that as well. To do this, just open the post’s caption field and make all the necessary changes (add tags, edit the caption, etc.). Save the changes and it’s good to go.

Tagging People in a Comment

To tag a person in your comment, just mention that person. Mentioning someone on Instagram means typing the @ symbol plus the person’s username (no spaces). An example would be @username. Yes, it’s very easy to tag someone in a comment. However, remember the following:

  • As of the moment, you can’t edit a comment after posting it. Therefore, you can’t go back to a previous comment to edit it and add tags.
  • If you forgot to tag a person in a comment, you can make another comment just to tag him or her.
  • You can make a lot of comments (for when you forget to tag someone). Just make sure that your comments aren’t repetitive as this could be marked as spam by Instagram’s built-in filter.

Tagging Etiquettes to Remember

While you can tag people as much as you want, keep these things in mind:

  • Excessive tagging can be very annoying for the person tagged. Remember, he or she will get a notification for every tag you make.
  • Being tagged by mistake is also annoying. Therefore, make sure that you are tagging the right username before hitting the return button.
  • When adding tags in a comment, keep the number of mentions to a maximum of 5. Instagram has set this limit to date and it keeps everything in order.

The Power to Tag on Instagram

You now know the ins and outs of tagging a person or entity on Instagram. As you can see, it’s easy to tag someone – be it on a post, caption, or comment. You also have the option of tagging people before posting and after posting. Use your power to tag people on this wonderful social media platform for entertainment (personal) or for business purposes (professional).

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