How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Have you ever been intrigued as to who viewed your Instagram profile? And have you ever wondered if people whose profiles you viewed will ever find out (or maybe you want to block someone)? In this post, we will address those questions and all other things related to it. So, just read on.

Do Instagram Users Know if You View Their Profile?

As of this writing, the answer to the above question is no. No, Instagram users won’t know if other IG users look at their profiles. What people are able to see are the following:

  1. Likes – If an IG user likes a photo or video, this will certainly show in the user’s feeds.
  2. Comments – As with likes, comments on posts are also visible to the account owner.
  3. Story views – The owner of the story will see who viewed his or her story and the total number of views. Note that the number of times a person views the story will not show in the report (just the total views).

See Who Views Instagram Profile

Who Looks at Your Instagram?

Do you really REALLY want to know who looks at your IG profile? Well, if it’s a public account, anyone in the Instagram community will have access and can look at your profile. However, as stated above, you will only be able to know who interacted with your post (through likes, comments, views) and not viewers of your profile page.

Now, if you have a private Instagram account, all your posts and stories are also set to private. Therefore, only your approved followers can see your profile. Still, you will not know exactly who among your followers actually checked on your profile – just those who interacted with your posts and viewed your stories. At this point, it’s safe to assume that all your followers look at your profile at one time or another – and that’s ok, in our opinion, as these are your approved followers.

Should You Use an App to See Who Views Your Profile?

Yes, there are Third Party apps that supposedly allows you to know who views your Instagram profile. These apps function more or less in the same way. So, should you decide to get one, you can expect similar steps of using it such as the following:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Log in with your Instagram username and password.
  3. Authorize the app to access your Instagram account.
  4. See IG users who viewed your profile in a given period of time.


  • Free versions usually carry limited features (e.g. it will only show you about 5 to 10 results).
  • If you want to see ALL Instagram users who viewed your profile, you might need to get the paid or premium version of the app.
  • Keep in mind that using Third Party apps carry certain risks as you are exposing yourself to spam, virus attacks, etc.
  • Third Party apps like these can be very misleading. There’s no way for you to check its accuracy as it would be too awkward to ask someone if he or she has indeed viewed your profile at a particular date. And as we all know, it can be pretty dangerous to assume such things – especially if you’re having conflicts with the person.

Who Views Your Instagram – Why It Matters

As you can see, Instagram currently doesn’t offer the option to know who viewed your profile. This is also a good thing as people whose profiles you view won’t be able to know that you checked on them as well. Let’s face it, we all feel the need to check on that someone for one reason or the other. So, this is probably one of those things that are better kept as a secret.

Instagram offers its users a lot of perks to make up for the inability to know one’s viewers (if it can indeed be considered a liability):

  1. You can see who interacted (and viewed your posts) via likes.
  2. You get to interact with your followers through the comment function.
  3. You are provided with view stats on your stories as you get to see the total number of views and who viewed them. We also consider it a perk that Instagram doesn’t reveal the number of times a particular viewer sees the story. So, if you feel awkward about watching a story a number of times – don’t (it’ll be kept a secret).

We’d like to stress out again that we are not encouraging the use of Third-Party apps to see who views your Instagram profile. Let’s trust Instagram’s current policy on this and remember the saying: curiosity killed the cat.

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