How to Post YouTube Videos on Instagram

OK, so you want to share a YouTube video on your Instagram account. This is probably a good idea if the video will prove to be beneficial or entertaining to your IG followers, right? People who are eager to share YouTube videos on their Instagram also present the following reasons:

  • This can be another way of driving traffic to one’s YouTube channel.
  • It can be an avenue to show a teaser trailer for a longer YouTube video.
  • You might feel the need to create a “best of” of your own YouTube videos and share it with your Instagram audience.
  • For educational purposes – as a lot of YouTube videos are inspirational and informative.

We understand that you may want to share your own or other people’s YouTube videos on Instagram. However, this is not allowed by Instagram and YouTube at the moment. Unlike with other social networking sites where you can simply copy and paste a YouTube link, this simply doesn’t work for IG.

This post will cover tips, tricks, techniques, and workarounds as to how to accomplish the task of posting YouTube videos on Instagram. We admit that the task can be a bit difficult, but the truth is – it can be done. So, read on.

Post YouTube on Instagram

3 Basic Steps to Uploading a YouTube Video on Instagram

In all the techniques that we’ll show you in this post, 3 basic steps are always needed (more or less) to complete the task. The steps are as follows:

  1. You need to download the YouTube video into your mobile device, desktop, or laptop computer.
  2. Edit the video to make sure that it will meet Instagram’s requirements (Mp4 format and a maximum of 60 seconds).
  3. Upload video to your Instagram account.

Method 1 – Via YouTube Downloader App

While there’s no official YouTube and Instagram app that allows you to post YouTube videos to your IG account, there are Third Party apps that offer this service. If you’re comfortable using such apps, the steps involved in using apps for this purpose (in general) are listed below.

  1. Search for an app by typing YouTube Video Downloader. If you’re using an iPhone, you can get this from the App Store. And if you’re using Android, you can download such an app from Google’s Play Store.
  2. Pick an app with good reviews. This is not a guarantee of quality and efficacy, but it will give you an idea as to the product’s performance.
  3. Open the app on your device.
  4. Open the YouTube video on another tab and have it ready.
  5. Look for the download box in the app that you’re using.
  6. Copy the link from YouTube and paste it on the app’s download box.
  7. Click on download.
  8. Play the video and click the share button found at the bottom area of the menu.
  9. Tap on the Save to Camera Roll option to save the video to your device.
  10. Upload the video to your Instagram account as you normally would on contents of your camera roll.


  • Some apps come with a built-in editor that lets you trim, filter and be creative with your video content. If your chosen app doesn’t come with this feature, you can always download another Third-Party app (just search for a video editing app).
  • After uploading the video on Instagram, you can add captions, hashtags, locations, etc. (just like any other posts you make on IG).
  • If the YouTube video is not yours, make sure that you attribute it to the original source. Or better yet, ask permission from the owner of the video first. Do think about copyright laws before downloading (and uploading) a video that doesn’t belong to you in the first place. This holds true even if you are just downloading/ uploading parts of a YouTube video. If it’s against the law, it’s a crime – always remember that.

YouTube to Instagram

Method 2 – Via Screen Recorder App

By using the Screen Recorder method, you can capture and save a video from YouTube and effectively create a new video. This works similar to using a screenshot app – but this time, you’re capturing a video, not a photo. The steps to using this method are listed below.

  1. Download a Screen Recorder app.
  2. Open the YouTube video on a tab and get ready to click on the play button.
  3. Open the app and make the necessary configurations (format, volume, length, etc.).
  4. Play the YouTube video.
  5. As soon as you hit the play video on YouTube, click on the record button on the Screen Recorder app.
  6. Click stop when you’re through capturing the desired portion of the YouTube video.
  7. Click on the app’s Preview option to check on the recorded video.
  8. If satisfied, click Save to store the recorded video on your device.
  9. If the Screen Recorder app comes with a Rename function, you can use that to change the title of the video from YouTube.
  10. Upload and post the video to your Instagram account as you normally would.


  • As in the first method, make sure that you ask permission from the owner of the YouTube video first before carrying through with this technique.
  • Always be very careful with Third Party apps. They can contain a virus and other nasties that can harm your system.

Posting YouTube Videos on Instagram – Is it Worth it?

In conclusion, we can say that sharing YouTube videos to your followers can indeed serve its purpose. However, as you can see in the 2 methods we described above, you will need to use Third Party apps to accomplish the task of downloading and converting YouTube videos to meet Instagram’s requirements. Not all Third-Party apps can be trusted – so, let that be a warning to you.

Also, technically, both methods are not really considered legal if you will be posting YouTube videos that are not your own. So, do think twice about it before using the techniques we covered in this post.

We can say that it’s safer to assume that since Instagram and YouTube are not allowing YouTube videos to be shared on Instagram – that it’s just not right at the moment. Yes, it doesn’t mean that if something is doable (as we showed you above), it’s proper to do it.

For now, we strongly suggest waiting for the time when YouTube videos can be legally posted on Instagram (and with less trouble). Hey, sharing YouTube videos is allowed on Facebook – and Facebook now owns Instagram. We can really see this coming in the very near future!

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