How to Offer Free Shipping on Shopify

Let’s admit it – we all loooove free shipping. Now that you’re in a position to offer free shipping to your Shopify customers, we’ll show you how to do it right.

Shipping fees can be a turn off sometimes (a lot of people can relate to this). Oftentimes, it’s the reason why people abandon products in their carts – even when they’ve already reached the checkout section.

In this post, we’ll help you encourage your Shopify visitors and customers to complete their transactions. How? By offering free shipping, of course.

Don’t worry, you can still make profits even when you offer free shipping – it’s just a matter of computation and presentation. By simply increasing your products’ prices, you can easily cover the cost of shipping.

It’s really super easy to set up free shipping in Shopify (via the Settings section). We’ll show you the different ways on how to do it below.

Free Shipping on Shopify

Types of Free Shipping

You can offer your customers free or discounted shipping just to keep them from abandoning their carts. In Shopify, you have three options:

  • Priced-based
  • Weight-based
  • Discount codes

Priced-Based Rates for Free Shipping

To offer free shipping by setting a price rate, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Shopify account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Shipping.
  4. Click Edit next to the section that you want to offer the free shipping option.
  5. Look for the Price-Based Rates section and click Add Rate.
  6. A dialogue box for the Add Price-Based Rate will appear. Enter the details for the name, minimum order price, and maximum order price. Here’s an example for when you want to offer free shipping for minimum orders of $200:
  • Name: Free Shipping ($200)
  • Minimum order price: $200
  • Maximum order price: You can leave this blank.

Note: Qualified customers will see the above message upon checkout.

  1. Click on the Free Shipping Rate box to put a check on it.
  2. Click Done.

Weight-Based Rates for Free Shipping

Here are the steps to setting up a weight-based free shipping option:

  1. Open your Shopify account.
  2. Go to the Admin section.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Shipping.
  5. Click Edit next to the section where you want to offer the free shipping option.
  6. Look for the Weight-Based Rate section and click Add Rate.
  7. The dialogue box for Add Weight Based Rates will appear. Fill in the name, minimum order weight, and maximum order weight sections. Here’s an example for when you want to set up a minimum weight rate of 3 kg. and a maximum weight of 10 kg.:
  • Name: Free Shipping (3 kg.)
  • Minimum order weight: 3 kg.
  • Maximum order weight: 10 kg.

Note: The free shipping message will appear at checkout (for eligible customers only).

  1. Put a check mark on the Free Shipping Rate box by clicking on it.
  2. Click Done.

Discounted Shipping for Customers

Customers also appreciate discounted shipping – and will encourage them to push through with their purchases at the checkout section. For this option, your customers will need to fill in a discount code in order to get the discount (it won’t automatically appear at checkout). Here are the steps to set up this option:

  1. Open your Shopify account.
  2. Go to Admin.
  3. Click Discounts.
  4. On the Discounts page, click Create Discount.
  5. On the Discount Code section, enter a name for the discount (e.g. freeshipping4items).
  6. Click Generate Code to get a random discount code.
  7. Open the Options section and click Free Shipping Discount Type.
  8. In the Countries section, the default option is All Countries. However, you can change this to any particular country/ countries that you want to offer the discounted shipping promo.
  9. In the Customer eligibility section, you can choose from three options:
  • Everyone
  • Specific Groups of Customers
  • Specific Customers.
  1. For Discount Usage, the default setting is unlimited. However, if you want to set a limit for this, you can choose from two options (click on the Usage Limits option to see the options):
  • Limit number of times this discount can be used in total – With this option, you can set a number to the specific number of times a discount code can be used (e.g. 100 times). In the given example, all your customers are given equal opportunity to make use of the discount code (more than once) until it reaches its limit.
  • Limit to one per customer – Shopify’s internal tracking system will monitor each customer’s usage of the discount code (a customer can only use it once).
  1. Go to the Active Dates section to use the calendar. You can set the Start Date (and time) and End Date (and time) here. Just make sure that you check on the Set End Date box if you want to limit the date on the discount offer.
  2. Click Save Discount and you’re done.


  • Not setting an End Date will allow your discounted shipping option to continue indefinitely.
  • For 1-day promos, simply select the same date on the Start Date and End Date (just vary the time).
  • The time set will depend on your chosen time zone.

Free Shipping for More Sales and Good Customer Experience

Indeed, free shipping and discounted shipping are good news to buyers. Do make sure that your followers and customers know about this special promo through the following:

  • Send emails – Email them about your free shipping promo.
  • Send discount codes – You can email them your shop’s discount code.
  • Put up a banner – Create a banner on your store or website.
  • Advertise everywhere – Place an ad on certain areas of your store or site.

You see, offering free shipping and discounts is indeed a great marketing strategy. You’ll get more sales because of this technique as only a few people will abandon their carts when they see these offers. And of course, you’ll also get happy customers who’ll be willing to buy from your online store again and again.

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