How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live

There was a time when Instagram users could only post images on their account – and that was enough to keep everyone happy. Well, before long, videos also became a thing on Instagram. At first, there was Instagram Live where videos can be streamed and viewers can watch them as they happen. Of course, these days, the videos are already accessible in 24 hours (you can watch them again and again if you must). After the first live stream, these videos are aptly called Instagram stories.

Now considered as regular Instagram posts, people (followers and other Instagram users) can leave comments on Instagram live and Instagram stories. And as with regular posts, you might get unwanted comments on your videos – yes, we understand how annoying that can be. As for Instagram live, having comments popping up on the screen can be pretty distracting (and also annoying, we know). So, for all those reasons and more, we’re going to show you in this post how you can hide comments on your Instagram videos.

Hide comments Instagram Live Videos

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live Video

When streaming a video, you can opt for the hide comment option as soon as you go live. Here are the steps to doing this:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Click on the camera icon to launch the camera function.
  3. Look for the Live button and click on it.
  4. Click Start Live Video
  5. On the comment field, you’ll see three dots – click on that.
  6. Click Turn Off Commenting.

How to Turn On Commenting on a Live Video

Now, should you decide on turning the commenting option back on, here are the steps to doing that:

  1. On the comment field, you will see this message: Comments Turned Off. Click on the three dots found on the right side of the field.
  2. Click on the Turn On Commenting option.

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How to Hide Comments When Watching Instagram Live

If you’re the viewer, popping comments on your screen can (again) be very disrupting. There was a time when tapping on the screen can make all the comments and emojis disappear – which was a relief. Tapping on the screen again will enable seeing the comments and emojis again. Note, however, that as of this writing, said function is no longer working. With the updated version of Instagram, tapping on the screen will simply trigger the forward and rewind functions.

While waiting for the feature to hide comments to return, you can try the alternative solution we found on the internet. This involves accessing Instagram on the web by using your desktop computer rather than on a mobile device. If you’re willing to try this technique, the steps involved are listed below.

  1. Install the Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Search for the IG Stories for Instagram extension and install it on your Chrome browser.
  3. Log in to your Instagram account.
  4. Reload the page if you are already logged into your account.
  5. Look over your feeds and see real-time videos streaming (live) as well as videos shared as stories (no longer live, but still active).
  6. Click on the video that you want to watch. This will open in a new tab.
  7. You will see the option Hide Comments at the upper right-hand portion of your screen – click on that.
  8. You can now watch a live video or story without comments and emojis floating around on the screen.
  9. Now, if you decide to bring the comments back, simply click on the Show Comments option found at the upper right-hand section of the screen.

Note: Remember, the steps mentioned above only works when you use the Chrome browser on your desktop computer. As of this writing, Instagram app users don’t have any option to hide comments from videos they upload and view. We’re sure there are third-party apps especially made for such purposes, but you know we don’t endorse the use of third-party apps indiscriminately.

Watching Instagram Live Without Distractions

Instagram live and stories are popular these days and are indeed very enjoyable. Turning off or hiding comments is a matter of personal preference – and we respect that.

Note that Instagram changes its features and functions now then. Also, features are added or deleted or revised every time there’s an update. We’re quite sure that Instagram will employ the use of tools and procedures to hide comments soon as this is really an important feature for any social media platform. So, just keep your eyes open for that and we’ll update this post as soon as it happens.

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