How to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Embedding Instagram feed on your WordPress site means being able to add IG photos and videos to your posts or website itself. You can do this with your own Instagram content or any public IG account.

People usually embed their own Instagram accounts on their websites. However, it’s not unusual to embed other people’s IG accounts to one’s website as long it’s related to the site’s niche. When you do this (use other Instagram accounts), however, make sure that you give proper attribution to the owner of posts. This is done by displaying the Instagram owner’s username on the feed and adding a link that leads to the original Instagram account (the true source).

How to Embed Instagram Feed on Your WordPress Site

Follow these steps to embed Instagram feed on your website

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Go to your profile – or you can search for another person’s username.
  3. Click on a particular post to expand it.
  4. Click on the More button.
  5. Click on Embed. This will open a dialogue box containing the HTML code for embedding.
  6. Click on the Embed button to copy the code into your site.
  7. Once embedded, Instagram posts will automatically load on your website.


  • By default, captions are included on the Instagram feed. You can turn this feature off by unchecking the caption box before getting the embed code from Instagram.
  • Instagram embedded posts have built-in algorithm to resize according to the user’s screen size.
  • Instagram feed (on your website) will automatically look good when viewed from different devices (desktop or mobile).

Embed Instagram feed on WordPress

How to Use WordPress Plugin to Put Instagram Feed on Your Site

If you have been a long-time user of WordPress, you know that said platform has a lot of available plugins for different purposes. Well, you guessed it right – there are also plugins for embedding Instagram feed on your website. Here are the usual steps involved in using a plugin for the said purpose:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Look for the Plugin section and click on it.
  3. Click Add New and type in Instagram feed (or related keywords) to search for a plugin.
  4. Choose a plugin by comparing similar items (also, check out their reviews, if any).
  5. Click Install.
  6. Click Activate.
  7. Configure the settings as needed. You’ll be asked for your Instagram ID or another person’s (a public account that’s not yours). You may also be asked for other setting instructions like size, number of posts, etc.
  8. Depending on the plugin, you can choose to place the Instagram feed on your site’s sidebar, pages, or posts.


  • You can basically get any Instagram feed plugin (but we suggest choosing a reputable one).
  • Free plugins usually have limited features while paid or pro versions offer A LOT more features.
  • WordPress plugins are relatively easy to install and set up. They usually work right out of the box or only need a few tweaks to work immediately.
  • Most WordPress Instagram feed plugins are highly customizable (e.g. height, width, number of images, etc.).
  • There are IG feed WordPress plugins that include Follow on Instagram button feature.
  • WordPress Instagram feed plugins look beautiful on any website as these are designed by professionals.

Benefits of Embedding an Instagram Feed on Your Website

Placing an Instagram feed on your site is not only good for aesthetic purposes. Listed below are some of its benefits:

  1. Improve social engagement on your site – The added Instagram posts will boost your credibility and trustworthiness.
  2. Time-saver – Your Instagram posts will automatically be displayed on your website as well.
  3. Your site’s content will look fresh – Posting on your Instagram will also seem like posting something new on your website.

Embedding Instagram on Your WordPress Site

You can now share your Instagram photos and videos to your site visitors by embedding Instagram feed on your website. As you can see, it’s very simple to set up this type of feature – you don’t even need to have coding skills.

So, make your website more exciting and beautiful by adding an Instagram feed in there. More informative content and engagement on one’s site will lead to more visitors and followers for sure. And it’s like hitting two birds with one stone as this will benefit both your website and Instagram account.

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