How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

The comment function on Instagram (and other social media platforms for that matter), is useful for a lot of things. To wit:

  • Having a lot of comments means that an account, page, or post is very popular.
  • Commenting is a form of interaction and can boost one’s reputation.
  • Social engagement adds to an account owner’s trustworthiness.
  • People tend to follow accounts with a lot of interactions and comments from followers or fellow users.
  • The comment section can be used as a tool for spreading messages about your mission statement or business.
  • Commenting can be an effective tool for branding.

If, for some reason, you want to edit your comment or other people’s comments on your post, read on. This post is especially dedicated to editing comments on Instagram.

Edit comment on Instagram

Can You Edit Comments on Instagram?

This early into the post, we’d like to tell you point-blank that editing comments on Instagram is not allowed at the moment. As of this writing, Instagram doesn’t offer its users the ability to edit their comments within the app. In the next sections, we’ll show you your other options.

Removing Comments on Instagram

Since you can’t edit your comment on Instagram once you hit that return button, the next best thing that you can do is delete it and then just make a new one. To delete a comment, follow these steps:

  1. Find a particular post and open it.
  2. Click on the speech bubble icon.
  3. Look for your comment (the comment you want to remove).
  4. Slide left if you’re using an iPhone or tap and long press if you’re using an Android.
  5. Click on the trash can icon (red for iPhone and blue for Android) to delete the comment.


  • To create a new comment, just click on the comment field and type in your new message.
  • For typos and misspellings, you can just type in the corrected words with the * symbol (this has been an accepted method for correcting mistakes on comments for some time now).
  • You can also use the steps above for deleting your comments on another IG user’s post.

Editing Captions on Instagram

While you can’t edit your comments on Instagram, the app allows you to edit captions made on your posts. Just do these steps:

  1. Find a particular post.
  2. Click on the three dots found at the upper right-hand corner of the photo or video.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Revise the caption on your post.
  5. Click Done when you’re through editing (it’s found at the top right corner of your screen).

Error Message When Adding a Comment

If you’ve decided on creating a new comment, but suddenly found out that you can’t – try these troubleshooting techniques:

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version.
  • Maybe you’re trying to tag a lot of people in a single comment. Remember, you can only mention a maximum of 5 Instagram users per comment. So, just make another comment if you really want to tag more than 5 people.
  • While you can place hashtags on Instagram’s comment field, you can only have a maximum of 30 hashtags per comment.
  • You are not allowed to post the same comment (or emojis) again and again – this will trigger Instagram’s spam built-in filter.
  • Instagram has a built-in filter for words and phrases to abide by their Community guidelines. The use of certain keywords and phrases may trigger IG’s filter and block your comment from being posted.
  • Users themselves can place customized filters for certain words that can be used on their posts’ comments.

Dealing with Comments on Instagram

We have covered the many different ways on how to delete old comments on Instagram posts (you can only delete your own comments, of course). We also showed you how you can simply create a new comment to replace the one you just deleted. Right now, this is really the best thing that you can do as the option to edit comments is currently unavailable to Instagram users.

We can only attribute having limited powers on the comment section of Instagram to the app’s strict guidelines. Maybe, just maybe – Instagram simply wants to protect their users from improper comments from followers and friends (sadly, it happens every now and then).

With a strictly regulated commenting system, Instagram can maintain some degree of order and niceness within the Instagram community. Let’s salute them for that!

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