How to Block Someone on Instagram

When you block someone on Instagram, your goal can either be to not see them and their posts or for them to not see you and your posts. It could also be both – as blocking someone will automatically make the other person’s posts and stories unavailable to you as well (we also wrote a post on how to check if someone blocked you).

If your Instagram profile is set to public, know that you will also be prone to spam messages (usually be accounts using Instagram bots). Of course, that can be pretty nasty – and blocking the sender of spam messages can also be one of your options.

And so, in general, these are the most common reasons for blocking or wanting to block someone on Instagram:

  1. For safety purposes – Unfortunately, Instagram’s policy doesn’t restrict people from creating fake accounts. At this point, fake emails and profiles can be easily created to manipulate one’s online activities. And although Instagram has strict rules with regards to this (and you can report people’s misbehaviors), you are most definitely prone to harassment, bullying, and the like.
  2. For personal reasons – It’s normal to have fading friendships these days, as friends are now easily made online via social media. Actually, you can also experience falling out of friendship with long-time friends – realistically speaking, that’s also normal. In times when it can be awkward to stay in touch with somebody, it would be better to just cut the ties (in social media, especially, where people post EVERYTHING about their lives).

Block someone on Instagram


How to Block Someone on Instagram

You can block an Instagram user using the app on your mobile phone or through the web on your desktop computer. Both methods are explained below.

Steps to Blocking Someone on Instagram Using the App on Your Mobile Device (iPhone, Android, Tablets)

If you are decided on blocking someone on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Find that someone’s profile. If you see his/ her post on your feed, you can tap on their name.
  3. On your “friend’s” profile, tap on the three dots located on the upper right-hand portion of the page.
  4. Tap on the option to block.
  5. A confirmation message will pop up saying: Block “person’s username?”
  6. You will then be presented with 2 options – Cancel and Block. Choose “cancel” if you change your mind. Choose “block” if you’ve decided on blocking the person.
  7. Check the person’s profile to see if blocking him/ her has been successful. If you followed the steps above, you can be sure that the person is successfully blocked.

Steps to Blocking on Instagram Through the Web (PC, Laptop)

To block an Instagram user through the internet, do the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.
  2. Find the profile of the person that you want to block. If you see his/ her name on your feed, you can click on the username directly. If not, you can look for the person on your Followers or Following list.
  3. Click on the three dots found near the person’s name (right side).
  4. You will be given several options – Report User, Block this User, and Cancel. Since you want to block the person, choose the block this user option. You can also cancel if you change your mind. And as you can see, you also have the option of reporting the person’s account to Instagram if he/ she is misbehaving on social media (and to you, personally, on Instagram).
  5. For the blocking option, you will get another pop-up message saying: Block “person’s username?”
  6. Again, you will be presented with 2 options – Block and Cancel. Click on the block option to push through with the blocking.
  7. Search for the person’s profile to check if he/ she was successfully blocked. Again, if you followed the above steps, the person will surely be blocked for your IG account.

How to Block a Person from Commenting on Your Photos, Videos, and Stories

In the above sections, we told you how to totally block someone from your Instagram life. Now, we are going to show you how to simply block someone from commenting on your posts. You see, there are times when you simply don’t want a particular person to comment on your images, videos, and stories (when they usually make crude and awkward remarks on your posts).

In cases where you still want to show your posts to someone (without the commenting capability), you can opt to just block the person from commenting – not block him/ her entirely from your Instagram life.

For this method, you can only use the Instagram app. As of the moment, such function is still absent from the web version of Instagram. So, without further ado, here are the steps to doing this:

  1. Tap on the wheel icon (Settings) located at the upper right portion of your Home profile.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the Privacy and Security section.
  3. You will see a section that says: Allow Comments from Everyone – this refers to the people you follow and your followers. There are 2 more available options on this section – 1. People you follow and 2. Your followers. Just keep the settings on this section as is and proceed to the next step.
  4. Still on the same section, you will see this option: Block comments from. Tap on this option and search for the person’s name.
  5. When you see the person’s username, tap on the Block option.

There, you’re all done. The person is blocked from commenting on your posts. Below are some notes with regards to this technique.

  • The person will still be able to see your posts but will be unable to comment on them.
  • Instagram doesn’t send notifications to the person blocked from commenting.
  • All previous comments made by the person (before being blocked) will remain. However, you can always delete them.

Block Commenting on IG

Hack: Blocking Someone by Forced Unfollow Technique

Here’s an Instagram hack that very few people know about. Although blocking someone is just fair (as all is fair in love and war), you might just want to take a break from someone – without really blocking them. It could also be that you just want to avoid the drama often associated with blocking someone (especially if he or she has been a long-time acquaintance/ friend).

Well, follow the steps below and the person concerned will be forced to unfollow you without even knowing it. And you know – once they unfollow you, they will not be able to see and comment on your posts.

  1. Find the person’s profile.
  2. Block him or her. You already know how to do this from the above sections. Yes, you can do this through the internet or via the Instagram app.
  3. Keep the person blocked for only a few seconds or minutes. At this point, Instagram will block the person’s account from accessing your profile, posts, and everything. Also, Instagram will make the person’s account unfollow you – and, therefore, not get access to your posts. Ahhh, now you’re getting the picture.
  4. Unblock the person. Do this by repeating the steps you made in blocking the person. However, since the person is already blocked, one of your options would be to UNBLOCK. Click or tap on that option.
  5. Check on your followers. You will find that the person is no longer following you.

Some notes regarding this technique:

  • When you unblock the person who used to follow you, their account won’t automatically follow you once you unblock them.
  • Since you unblocked the person, he/ she will still be able to find you on Instagram.
  • The person can opt to follow you again – if your account is set to public. If it’s a private account, he or she will need your approval first.
  • This hack leaves no evidence that you blocked the person (even for a little while). Best case scenario, the person will think that he/ she unfollowed you accidentally.
  • Hopefully, the person will never notice that he/ she is no longer following you.
  • You can do this technique again and again until the person gets the hint (or gets tired of following you).


To further help you decide on whether to push through with your plan of blocking someone from your Instagram account, we are answering some of your frequently asked questions below.

Q: What happens when I block someone on Instagram?

A: When you block a person on Instagram, he or she won’t be able to find your profile and posts.

Q: Will the person I blocked know that I blocked him/ her?

A: Instagram in itself will not notify the person involved with your action. However, if the person decides to search for your profile and not find it – he or she will probably get to the conclusion that you blocked him/ her (it’s a common occurrence nowadays, anyway).

Q: Is the person permanently blocked?

A: No. Should you change your mind, you can unblock the person concerned with one click (or tap).

Q: Can the person that I blocked still tag and mention me?

A: Unfortunately, he/ she can still mention your name – but it’s not a live tag as it won’t appear on your feed (and you won’t be notified either). If you want, you can change your username so that they really can’t mention you in their comments.

Q: Are my previous likes and comments still visible to the people I block?

A: Short answer – yes. However, you can always unlike posts and delete your comments on posts you’ve commented on. To unlike, just tap on the red heart again. To remove your comments, swipe left (iPhone) or tap and hold (Android) – and then click/ tap on the trash can icon. We suggest doing these actions BEFORE blocking someone.

Q: Can I still block a person who has already blocked me?

A: Unfortunately, if the person has already beaten you to it, you can no longer block him/ her. The reason for this is that once blocked, you will never be able to find their profile – and, therefore, won’t be able to perform the steps to blocking an Instagram account. If you really REALLY don’t want THAT PERSON to see your profile (stalk you), you can switch to a private account instead. Posts from private accounts are not visible by people who are not following you. The person will need to request permission from you to follow you (to see your posts).

Q: If a person blocks me on Instagram, will he/ she still be able to see my IG profile?

A: Even if the other person initiated the block, it will have the same effect on him/ her. Therefore, that person will also be unable to see your profile and your posts. If your account is set to public, know that the person can still seek you through other people’s Instagram accounts (or on one of his/ her other accounts). Also, the person might know the block/ unblock hack and use it on you.

Other Options to Consider

Below, we will discuss some of your other options on dealing with a nuisance IG user.

Report User or Report Message

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to block someone on Instagram – and really, that’s understandable. However, if the reasons involve abusive comments, photos, and messages, do know that you have other options aside from blocking – such as reporting a person or his/ her actions.

To report a message, just open the conversation on your IG app and tap and hold the particular message. You can then choose the Report option to send your complaint to Instagram. And of course, you can also report the user himself/ herself. The option to report the user is found together with the block option.

Report User on Instagram

Mute Someone

Here’s another option for getting disengaged with someone without blocking the person per se. You can mute annoying “friends” through the following steps on your Instagram app:

  1. Tap on the three dots near the person’s username.
  2. Several options will show up, one of which is Mute. Go ahead and tap on that.
  3. You will be presented with 3 options – 1. Mute only photo posts, 2. Mute only story posts, and 3. Mute both. It’s up to you to choose. Tap on the option that’s most suitable to you.

Keep these things in mind when you opt to mute someone:

  • Their posts or stories or both will no longer appear on your feed.
  • You can still see their posts, videos, and stories when you visit their profile page.
  • You can go for the mute option when you don’t want to see another person’s posts but don’t mind them seeing yours.

Blocking Someone on Instagram and Not Feeling Guilty About It

Instagram is indeed a wonderful social media platform – there’s no question about that. It’s the perfect place for sharing photos, videos, ideas, and more. Well, that is – with friends and friendly acquaintances.

Since your Instagram account belongs to you, you should be happy with it and not feel uncomfortable when you’re using the platform. It’s for this reason why the ability to block people (or something to that effect) has been provided by Instagram itself.

So, please, don’t feel guilty when you have the need to block and remove people from your Instagram life. Get rid of those annoying friends, bullies, and creeps with a tap or click of a button. We already told you how – so, do yourself a favor and hit that block button now.

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