Can People See When You Look at Their Instagram

When you join a social media platform, it’s given that you want an audience for your photos, videos, thoughts, and more – and this holds true for Instagram. However, the time always comes when you become particularly interested in who could be looking at your profile. In fact, you got to admit it – you sometimes check another IG user’s profile as well. And if you do, will they be able to know? Well, here’s a quick answer – no. Keep reading, though, and you’ll learn more about this topic.

Can People See Instagram Views

Option to Turn Your Instagram to Private

This section is for people who don’t want other people (especially people they don’t know) to visit their profile. As you may already know, public accounts are available for anyone to look at – well, except for people who have been blocked, that is. And still, blocked users can create new accounts to check on public account profiles.

Instagram created the option to make a private account so that those who are bothered by onlookers can have some privacy. With this option, people will need to send a request to the owner of the private account before they can follow them. Needless to say, this privacy option will limit one’s ability to engage with other Instagram users as well.

Here are the steps on how to set up a private account:

  1. Tap on the profile icon (human shape) located at the bottom part of the screen.
  2. Tap on the gear icon to open the Settings (it’s located at the top right area of the screen).
  3. Scroll down until you reach the Accounts option and click on it.
  4. Again, scroll down until you see the Private account button. Click on the button to turn it on.

Keep the following things in mind:

  • When you go for a private account, you will need to manually approve requests to follow you.
  • Current followers are not affected when an account is converted from public to private. However, when a follower unfollows a private account, he or she will need to request permission to follow again.

Option to Block an Instagram User

People who are not comfortable with some of their followers viewing their profiles can choose to block them. This often happens when IG followers become enemies in the course of time. And so, instead of converting into a private account, enemies can be blocked one by one as it happens. It’s not a big deal to block someone on social media nowadays anyway.

People Look at Your Instagram

What Can People See?

Let’s look at what people can see on their Instagram profiles. This section can be your guide in knowing what you’re capable of seeing on your own profile and what a person can see when you visit theirs.

  1. Posts.

As stated in the above sections, Instagram users won’t be able to tell who’s checking out their profiles. The only way to find out is if there’s an interaction of some sort – this can be in the form of a like or a comment on a post. It’s possible that a follower sees a post without liking or commenting on it (this is the unseen portion on the part of the profile owner).

  1. Views on stories.

IG stories record who views them and how many times a story has been viewed. Keep in mind, however, that Instagram will only show the total number of views and not the number of views per viewer. Therefore, a person can view a story 10 times but IG will only display the viewer’s name once. Of course, if the Instagram story records 10 views with only one viewer, it’s pretty obvious that the one person recorded viewed the story 10 times (but that’s ok).

Option to Not See Stories

Instagram users can also opt to disallow some of their followers from viewing their stories. Keep in mind that you can do this and it can also be done to you as well (yep, it works both ways, which is only fair). Anyway, here are the steps to doing this:

  1. Look on the list of people who viewed your Instagram story.
  2. Click on the little X next to the person’s username.


  • Clicking on the X will block the person from ever watching your Instagram stories again.
  • This only works for stories (not regular posts of photos and videos).
  • For people who are conscious about who’s looking over their profiles, it can be assumed that the people who watch their stories also look at their profiles.

Use of Third Party Apps to See People Who Look at Your Profile

The truth is, there are LOTS of apps especially made for finding out who looked at a person’s Instagram profile. And yes, a lot of people use apps like this. In fact, a person whose profile you’re always looking into may be using an app for this purpose.

Here’s the thing with regards to apps that show who looked at a person’s Instagram profile – they’re not very reliable (and can, therefore, be misleading). So, if you’re planning on using one, keep in mind that it could provide you with the wrong data. Likewise, you can deny looking at somebody else’s profile just on the basis that apps like this are not 100% accurate.

Looking at Instagram Profiles

The measures and options we covered in this post work both ways. You can’t know and they can’t know when you check on each other’s profile. So, you see, it’s a fair game for all of us and it’s probably the best scenario anyway.

May we remind you again that we are not encouraging using Third Party apps for the purpose of knowing who looked at a person’s Instagram profile. Such apps can be misleading and cause further problems among Instagram users.

Let’s all appreciate the mystery of who’s probably looking at our profiles without stressing too much about it. Instagram is a fun platform that we should just enjoy and use for the common good.

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