How to Boost Organic Reach with a Facebook Page

Facebook organic reach simply refers to the number of users who get to see your content without paid ads or other paid form of distribution. While at least 60% of marketers recognize Facebooks as the most important among their marketing strategies, Facebook organic reach has been declining over the years, making more and more businesses switch to Instagram.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to boost your organic reach and attain your optimal potential on Facebook. Here are six tips to help boost your organic reach with your Facebook page:

Channel Traffic from Other Platforms

One of the simplest ways to increase Facebook organic reach is to let audiences in other platforms know about your Facebook page. For example, you can include in your Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn bio, information on where your audience can find you on Facebook. Another great idea is to have an easy button to click to like/follow your Facebook page on your business website.

Go Live

Since its introduction in 2016, Facebook Live has helped many businesses connect to their target audiences more effectively compared to other types of content. You can get a higher engagement with Facebook Live, which can translate to improved Facebook organic reach.

Research has shown that people spend 300% more time watching Facebook Live broadcasts when compared to conventional video content. Moreover, Facebook Live gets you more visibility because Facebook gives it the highest priority in its newsfeed.

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Analyze Your Competitors’ Practices

It is important to evaluate your competitors’ practices to find out what’s working for them. When you understand what makes your competitors more successful on Facebook than you are, you’ll be able to develop a more effective marketing strategy. You’ll also be able to create better content that caters to the needs of your audience effectively.

Find the Right Content Type for Your Audience

It’s important to find the kind of content that resonates with your audience. Otherwise, your audience won’t engage with it, and that will have a negative impact on your organic reach.

Whenever some someone likes, comments, or shares your content, Facebook takes it that the audience wants to see more of your content. Consequently, your content will be seen more in the news feeds of your target audience.

Figure Out the Best Time to Post

The time you post content to Facebook plays an integral role in the success of the content. You don’t want to post important content in the middle of the night when your target audience is asleep. By the time the audience wakes up, the content will have already been pushed to the bottom of the News Feeds.

You should find out when your fans usually are online. You can do that using Facebook analytics. Just check your page insights in the posts section for peak days and times for your fans. If you post when your audience is most likely to be browsing Facebook, you raise the chances that your content appears in their news feed and give your organic reach a boost in the process.

Posting at peak times may also subject you to more competition to get your content seen because more businesses would be posting at those times.

Use Visual Marketing to Grab Attention

Facebook posts with images get at least twice the engagement of posts without pictures. Given this, you should consider using visual content to tell your story and convey your brand’s message. In fact, visual marketing is an integral component of social media marketing strategy.

There are several ways to use visual content to improve your organic reach with Facebook. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create branded quote images
  • Use compelling imagery to nurture thought leadership in your niche
  • Convert tips in your blog posts to images

There are many apps out there that you can use to create branded images in a few minutes. Most of the online apps are free. As a bonus, these images can be used to your advantage on other platforms as well, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

In Conclusion

Facebook is one of the best platforms for your business to build a solid social media presence. Virtually everyone who has smartphone and access to the internet has a Facebook account, and that includes your target audience. With Facebook’s broad user base, you get an excellent opportunity to reach your target market and develop valuable connections.

However, if you don’t employ the right strategies, you may have a hard time getting organic traffic through Facebook—that’s where the six tips above come in handy.

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