The biggest mistakes in web design

Many web designers make fatal mistakes when creating a web page comes in order. If your business depends on a website, then you are required to do an excellent job, while building a content which will attract you the audience. The influential entrepreneurs state how important is to have a well-constructed site because it will help you increase your business and at the same time boost your profit. Here are some mistakes many web developers make, and they should raise a red flag every time you meet them

Removing a back button

Many site developers thought that removing a back button was a smart move. So, when you press a back button, several unwanted things can happen. For instance, you can be redirected to an unwanted and unknown location; the back button can stay the same, which means it doesn’t react because it has been deactivated, or a new window can appear. All these actions can cause a distress with the audience and make them hate your website because they will be annoyed with the new settings. Our advice would be to forget about this trend; it will only lead you to have a reduced traffic.

Opening new windows

Back in the days, this action was seen as a popular one. Every time a user clicks through a website a new window appears. Now the things have changed, and this move was seen as an annoying one. It ties up system recourses, slows down your computer and generally complicates the entire experience while you are browsing the page. Of course, it is very easy to use this tool, but don’t do it. You need to let the visitors decide whether they want to open a certain link in a new window.

Failing to add your contact information

contactIf you are already using a website for the business, you need to let people find you. If you are selling something, you are required to offer viewers multiple ways to find you. The smartest thing is to use a form “Contact Us,” which leads users directly to your business email, phone and address. This type of link should be on every page of your website. Even if you don’t see the benefits of this link, the presence of this information adds transparency to your web page and comforts the future visitors and clients. They will feel more relaxed knowing they can find you at any moment.

Avoid broken links

You must have experienced an error 404 so many times before and you probably have wondered how trustworthy is some web page. But, what happens when the visitors find a broken link on your page? This can be a bane for any internet user. In addition to this, you should check your website regularly to make sure everything is in perfect order. To avoid this, you can create a short form where users can notify you when they experience some problems with your website. This is a useful way to prevent further problems.

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