Benefits of Using Dedicated Hosting

Using dedicated servers for your website has a lot more advantages than you would ever think. Some people that have a lot of money use dedicated servers because they are the most expensive and they think that it must be the best. They are not wrong about that, but having a dedicated server without the proper knowledge is never a good idea because you have a lot of power that is unlimited and you don’t even know how to use it to your advantage. To help people like that, we will be now talking about some of the major benefits that you can have when using a dedicated server.

Not Sharing the Space

Post1aThe first and most obvious benefit that you have a dedicated server is that you are not sharing that space with anyone else. The space that you get is completely just yours and nobody else has the right to access it. The benefit from this that you get is that your files will be much more secure and you will have the power of the entire server just for yourself. That means that you will have all the RAM and CPU power just for your website. With this much power, you will not have clogging problems or any sort of lag issues. Your website will run much faster because the server will only work for you.

Enhanced Performance and Security

Having good performance is one crucial thing that you must have when running a website. With shared hosting, you can’t have maximum performance because other websites will slow down the server. However, with dedicated servers, none of that will be a problem because they provide far more stable and reliable space than shared hosting.

Security is also one thing that will be enhanced by a lot with dedicated servers because you are not sharing the same space with anyone else. The entire server is completely yours which means that you don’t have to share the space with a potential spammer or some malicious website. If your site is serving as an online store and people are buying your products from it, then dedicated server is a must because you have to secure that sensitive information such as card numbers.


One great thing that a dedicated server will provide you with is flexibility. This means that you will have the power to customize the server to fit your needs. For example, if you need more RAM or CPU power, you can simply ask for an upgrade. Also, you can upgrade the software to make sure that you are running on the latest updated version. With shared hosting, you don’t have a power like this and you must work under the conditions that you are given, if your site is working too slow, there is nothing that you can do other than changing to a dedicated server and upgrading some of the hardware and software. Changing the hardware and software to fit your need gives you far more control over your entire website and server.


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