How to Add GIFs in WordPress

Adding GIFs to your posts will definitely make them more attractive/funny. Of course, you should use GIFs that are related to your site’s content. Also, note that your chosen GIFs should suit your audience’s taste (and not offend them).

Read on if, for some reason, your uploaded GIFs appear as steady images when you look at them at the front-end of your site. While GIFs integrate well with most website builders like Weebly, Squarespace, and others, WordPress can sometimes have issues. The solution is easy though.

Understanding the Problem and How Media Uploader Works

WordPress comes with an easy-to-use media uploader. You use this function when you want to add images to your posts.

Know this – every time you upload an ordinary image into your WordPress site, the WP platform automatically saves the image in different sizes. Here are the default sizes:

  1. Thumbnail – the smallest size.
  2. Medium – this is the standard size.
  3. Large – it’s big in size.
  4. Full Size – your image’s original size.

Now, when you upload a GIF or moving image, WordPress only saves the first frame (or first part) of the animated image. In this regard, choosing the thumbnail, medium, or large images will display static (unmoving) images.

Add Media WordPress screen

How to Properly Add GIFs to Your WordPress Site

Follow these steps if you want to successfully upload a GIF image:

  1. If it’s a new post, open the Add Post function. For already posted articles, edit the existing article to add the animated image.
  2. Click on the Media Uploader button – when you do this, you will see the media uploader box pop up.
  3. Click on the Upload Files button.
  4. Select the particular GIF file on your computer.
  5. On the Attachment Display Setting meta box (bottom right corner of your screen), choose Full Size.
  6. Click the Insert into Post button.
  7. Save changes.

Understanding the Solution

You see, choosing the Full Size image option means attaching the original copy of the GIF file into your post. The original file is an animated image, right? Yes, and that’s what you’ll get in the end.

Where to Find GIFs

You can go to for lots and lots of free GIFs that you can use on your WordPress site. You can also install the Giphypress plugin (if you use said website) so that you can add your chosen animated GIFs without leaving your WordPress Dashboard.

Should You Use Animated GIFs to Your Site?

Do understand that an animated GIF file is larger than a typical image file. The reason for this is that it’s comprised of many images that are saved into several frames (this could eat up a lot of memory).

Keep in mind that although animated GIFs are pretty and attractive, using up a lot of memory can slow down computers. This would present a problem to users with slow computers, you see.

So, we say use GIFs sparingly. Anyway, having a few of these cute moving images makes them even more attractive.

See, we told you it’s easy.

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