About Us

As a team of web devs and marketers, we’re comitted to educate non-marketers about what’s possible in the digital space these days. While we are very much aware that this space of “giving marketing advice” is completely saturated, massive visibility is not our primary goal… We’re just having fun and hopefully helping some people along the way!

Our Team

Nate Anderson

With over a decade of digital marketing experience, Nate decides on the big topics to cover on the blog. His specialities are SEO and Social Media. He’s also addicted to mochas and sushi (but no seaweed, never seaweed).

Dylan Moster

Dylan has a passion for the visual, from photography to facebook cover designs. Instagram is where he lives and learns most of his PPC skills, which (mostly) translate well to Facebook advertising too. His coffee preferences are unknown as we only see him drink tea all day.
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