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While our first love will always be web design and web hosting. It seems that the biggest problem businesses have is getting that precious precious traffic… traffic they can then convert to sales/leads/sign-ups, etc. So we decided to switch our primary focus to digital marketing. We cover everything from the best Instagram bots, to tips on Facebook ad spend, and e-commerce platform reviews like woocommerce vs Shopify.

Enjoy the content and don’t forget to take action!

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Digital Marketing

From Instagram to Facebook and Pinterest, check out our digital marketing category to up your game.

Web Design

The visual language that compels people to either buy/sign up to something... or not....

Web Hosting

Having a decent host is super important, with uptime and speed carrying most of the weight... don't get left behind.

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How to Boost Organic Reach with a Facebook Page

Facebook organic reach simply refers to the number of users who get to see your content without paid ads or other paid form of distribution. While at least 60% of marketers recognize Facebooks as the most important among their marketing strategies, Facebook organic reach has been declining over the years, making more and more businesses

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5 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to get Instagram followers thanks to the ultra-smart algorithm and at least 1 billion monthly users this popular social media platform boasts. Moreover, millions of brands are using the platform for marketing. These factors make Instagram very competitive when it comes to developing your account and building your following. So, you

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Temporarily disable Instagram account

How to Reactivate an Instagram Account

Have you temporarily deactivated your account and now want to reactivate it? Don’t worry, that can be easily done, and we’ll tell you all about it in this post. However, if you deleted your account – sorry, but as of this writing, there’s no way Instagram will let you reactivate a deleted account (we’ll elaborate

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Report User on Instagram

How to Block Someone on Instagram

When you block someone on Instagram, your goal can either be to not see them and their posts or for them to not see you and your posts. It could also be both – as blocking someone will automatically make the other person’s posts and stories unavailable to you as well (we also wrote a

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Blocking someone on IG

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Whether it’s out of curiosity or a big deal to you, you can actually check (or confirm) if someone has blocked you on Instagram (check here if you’re the one wanting to do the blocking :)). And while there are tools and apps that can help you determine the answer to this, we really don’t

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The biggest mistakes in web design

Many web designers make fatal mistakes when creating a web page comes in order. If your business depends on a website, then you are required to do an excellent job, while building a content which will attract you the audience. The influential entrepreneurs state how important is to have a well-constructed site because it will

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